100 Covington Ridge Place
Collins, MS 39428



This is a beautiful retirement home that is owned by people who care and hire people who are caregivers who care… Recently I talked with a lady that is a resident I know from the area I grew up in. She said, “They are very good to me here. They take me to see my husband at the VA.”

Food is always good, activities are always happening, with a big beautiful front porch with rockers so they can socialize together. They have a large area where they can have singing and all sorts of good things. The owner is an RN and they have a nurse on duty that prepares medication and attends to medical needs. There is a local hospital for emergency needs but several great hospitals near by if necessary. They have their own rooms which are great and have privacy for downtime but are checked on very frequently.

Donna Michael

Very good ministry and service you provide here.
Carol Carlisle Davis

I feel so good about my Mother being at the Ridge. They make the residents feel special. It makes my heart happy knowing she is happy!
Linda Trigg Miller

Both sets of my grandparents lived at Covington Ridge. It’s a great place to live! I really enjoyed going to visit with them there. I loved all the decorations and Christmas parties we were invited to and all the fun activities.
Amanda Clement

Melinda and her staff took such great care of my mom…she loved it there. Thanks again, Melinda and staff. Barbara and I knew without a doubt she got the best care possible.
Mike Shivers

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my mom.
Ann Wells Hillburn

This is the best staff and facility. My mother lives there and A+ is not high enough in ranking. Thank you all for caring.
Chris Kelly