100 Covington Ridge Place
Collins, MS 39428


Written by: Ruth Brown (resident)

With the beginning of the new year, we want to introduce you to our home, its staff, the residents and workers. We have 34 residents, three married couples.

Our home has a knowledgeable staff, congenial residents and a good relationship with each other.

Our facility is large enough that we can have Sunday School and preaching. Our long time minister, Jimmy Barbara, left us to take a pastorate. We are waiting to find out who will be replacing him. We have Sunday School and worship every Sunday morning. We also have devotionals on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings provided by local churches, and bible study on Wednesday afternoons.

The first thing on Monday morning is our exercise class, directed by Karen Burns of Camellia Home Health. She keeps us in shape and limbered up.

We have a new Activities Director. Her name is Crystal Neal, and I have a feeling that she is going to be shaping us up, and encouraging us to get active with the new year.

January is the best time for us to take stock in our health, exercises, and food intake. The more we shape up, the better we will feel and the longer we will live.

Melinda Lott, our Administrator, is forever providing us with some kind of entertainment. Some are educational and some are just for fun. We always enjoy the individuals and groups that come in and spend time with us.

We, also, have some of the best caring individuals that work with us; nurses, therapists, and those that are constantly watching over us to spot any needs.

Covington Ridge is a wonderful care facility. They strive to see that needs are met, and that we are comfortable, happy and that we enjoy our home here.

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