100 Covington Ridge Place
Collins, MS 39428


Monday, April 2 was International Children’s Book Day and we were so glad Collins Public Library ? visited The Ridge!

The manager of the Collins Library, David Hollingsworth, came and read the coolest book. It was an interactive book about being a rockstar.

In these pictures, the group is reading, “So You Want to be a Rockstar?”

Mr. Hollingsworth got us all to stand up and play air guitar, fix our hair in a Mohawk or other crazy hair styles, dance across the “stage,” yell, and more famous moves. Our resident David was hands down the best rockstar. He plays a mean air guitar and had a cool Mohawk! He loved it.

Little Apple Homeschool Group came to The Ridge for this event. They colored bookmarks from the Sumrall library and enjoyed a snack. This was definitely a rockstar kind of day! ?

Pictured from L: Presleigh Neal of Seminary, Reed Neal of Seminary, Ben Hernandez of Seminary, Hunter McClure of Collins, Layton Norris of Bassfield

Pictured: Reed Neal of Seminary

Pictured: David Hollingsworth, Collins library manager, reads story

David Watts of Hattiesburg (resident)

Robert Ogden of Taylorsville (resident)