100 Covington Ridge Place
Collins, MS 39428


Loree is a quiet and gentle soul. She grew up in a small community between Mount Olive and Mize. She married Joe and they became parents of three girls and one boy.

Joe was an Assemblies of God minister and that resulted in moving quite often to different churches. Her husband was in the military in WWII. By WWII, they had several children so Loree wasn’t able to follow him to where he was stationed.

They eventually felt the call to become missionaries. They went to Honduras to do their mission work. They also lived some time in Louisiana.

Loree received a Home Economics degree from The University of Southern Mississippi. She taught for a while until her four children needed her to be with them at home.

She did much work for the public as an advanced seamstress; sewing became her passion. She enjoyed doing it and was good at it. She was a good community seamstress, which is almost a lost art.