100 Covington Ridge Place
Collins, MS 39428


Socks for Heroes of Mississippi teamed up with Strong Hope Baptist Church of Wesson and brought Christmas deliveries to vets in Collins on Monday, Dec. 18. The group delivered six gifts to Covington Ridge Retirement Home to its vets  AC Horn, Ray Lindsey, Greg Breland, James Burns, Harold Sims, and Pam Sumrall, Director of Nursing.

The group delivered 150 gifts to the vets at the VA home in Collins just prior to Ridge deliveries.

The church has collected 600 blankets for Socks for Heroes’ deliveries over the past two years.

“Very nice staff there (The Ridge). We enjoyed our visit there very much. We will include them every year now!” explained Cathy Stroud, Socks for Heroes of Mississippi Coordinator.

“One of the ladies with us today will be 94-years-old tomorrow and said she enjoyed this today for her birthday,” said Stroud.

The Ridge enjoyed it, too.

“Our residents were completely surprised. They were actually mid-lunch when the group walked into the dining hall with gifts. I had secretly been coordinating with them (Socks for Heroes) but wanted our resident vets to have a Christmas surprise,” explained Jessica Breazeale, PR/Marketing Director at The Ridge.

Gift bags included a blanket, several pairs of socks, deck of cards, word search (or other puzzle), notepad, hat, and more.

More info on Socks for Heroes at socksforheroes@yahoo.com.

More info on residency at Covington Ridge Retirement Home, 601-325-1725.